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Why Is My Child Shy?

Shyness is not always a bad thing. When it crosses over to a social phobia or anxiety, you might want to seek professional help. But simply being shy can be OK. It just may take shy people longer to feel comfortable with new people and new situations. Shy children tend to observe the scene before jumping in. Shyness is a personality trait, not a fault, says Dr. William Sears, author of more than 40 pediatric books.

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Core Exercises for Women at Home

When you have a strong core, that is, strong abdominal, back and pelvic muscles, you are more likely to have good balance and will notice an improvement in your ability to perform other physical tasks, such as playing your sport of choice or simply have more stamina to go about your day. You can work your core without ever leaving home or buying any fancy, space-hogging equipment.

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13 Healthy Snacks That Won’t Make You Feel Like You’re Dieting

Happy New Year!With the end of the holiday season, we have tons of moms come to us wanting to put an abrupt end to all of the over-indulgence and kick their Get Lean resolutions into high gear.So what do we suggest?First, we put them on our 10-day Weight Loss Jumpstart and Detox plan from our newly released book – The Nutrition Twins Veggie Cure.Then we give them strategies to last them all …

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July Astrology

Hello Dear Readers, The quandary of early July is here. What can you say about a month that begins under a power gridlock of two opposing mighty gods, Sun and Pluto, and four retrograde planets? Dont count on anything just yet, wait it out, stay on your yachtwhether literal or fanciful; water planets predominate right now anyway.