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Nutritional Advice for Athletes

For optimal performance, the athlete will spend hours perfecting her sport, meticulously analyzing every movement and tweaking each minute detail. While this pursuit of perfection will definitely get you far, it cannot take you all the way. Only proper nutrition can give you the fuel needed as an athlete to take your activity to the next level.

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Pregnancy and Nutrition

Wanting whats best for your baby is only natural so choosing the right foods while you are pregnant is very important. Healthy foods are the foundation of pregnancy nutrition. What you eat is what your baby eats, smart food choices during pregnancy can help promote your babies growth and development. When you become pregnant you may begin to have questions about your nutrition like, Do I really need to eat for two? How should my diet change now that I am pregnant? What other nutrients do I need for a healthy pregnancy? Al

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How to Boost Sex Drive

Not only is low sex drive a frustrating circumstance, it can be damning to a relationship. When one partner constantly is rejected by the other, tensions build. When tensions are at a high, it often is the case fights will arise and the strain will persist. Low sex drive is caused by any number of problems related to psychological reserves, hormonal changes, physical health and relationship problems. While it often is difficult to assess the main cause of the problem, a well-rounded approach to treating the issue will leave both you and your partner with a big smile.