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Chimpanzee, God and Faith

Sometimes my children stop me in my tracks and make me think. Throughout the years, theyve come up with questions that I have no answers to – philosophies that shock me. It is unexpected when your child suddenly turns into Confucius and comes up with a life philosophy that you actually share.

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Allowing Sex in the Classroom…Good or Bad?

As young children, we were protected by our parents when it came to what we could read or watch on television. Teaching our children right and wrong and guiding them through life is a major part of parenting. And as that child grows, we are supposed to allow them to mature through their experiences and their education. But when we limit our childrens education on important, but uncomfortable, topics such as sex education, we are only setting them up for failure.

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Things to Do With Toddlers in San Francisco

If you are visiting San Francisco or living in and around the area, there are many places to go to for families with children of all ages. Toddlers can enjoy San Francisco in many different ways by going to places where they can have hours of enjoyment and learning. Some of the places offer activities that will help toddlers learn and explore new things. Other places allow for fun and games to help them stay active.

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10 Questions: Jodie Foster

American icon Jodie Foster, mom of Charlie, 9, and Kit, 6, is not only one of the queens of modern cinema, she is also a devoted hands-on mom. The actress told More magazine this past August that being a mom requires juggling — and loads of patience. “Every once in …