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How Do I Stop My Child From Stealing?

A child who is 4 years old or younger probably doesn’t understand all the rules about stealing, but a child who is 5 years or older does. Kids older than 5 years know when they’ve stolen something, and they know it’s wrong. But, they may do it anyway. It’s your job as a parent to stop this behavior and to teach your child to respect other people’s rights.

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Be Kind. Be Human.

Today didn’t set out to bad or good. Just a day, like any other, filled with work and things to do. I wasn’t expecting greatness. But I certainly wasn’t expecting sadness. And yet there it was, death — a little too close to home, hard to process, making my head spin. But while my head…

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Gaming 101 for “Me Time”

The following post is sponsored by DoubleDown Casino. Somehow, online social gaming ends up being an integral part of my day.  I have a handful of kids and with all of the waiting around I do at sports events and appointments, I often grab my iPhone and poke around social gaming apps and websites. At night…