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Explaining HB2 to My Son With Autism

My son is thirteen, very intelligent, thoughtful, and asks a lot of questions about current affairs. So, after I mentioned that his aunt, who lives in North Carolina, was upset at the recent canceled concert by Bruce Springsteen, my son asked why. I don't know about most parents, but with my son, I fell he's…

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Children With Special Needs: Handling the Loss of a Service

Our child will lose a service at the end of February. We are mourning this upcoming loss. I am especially upset by it, not only because my child is losing the structured opportunity to play with a child who has become his friend over the last two years, but also by the way it all came about. The facility notified me in November that my child’s funding had lapsed. To my astonishment, my child had been on a 30 day contract during that month.

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Weight Camps for Kids

For some kids, summer proves a tempting time to reshape themselves physically. If your child has packed on some pounds as he has grown, participation in a weight camp may be beneficial. Many camps around the country are designed to help your child not only modify what he looks like on the outside, but also to help him deal with the issues that got him to his current weight to begin with.