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A Manic Mommy’s Guide to Looking Great!

The following is a guest post from Leslie Newton from timi & leslie OK Ladies. Lets get real here. As much as we love it, its hard to be a mama. Between raising our children, working (and I mean working at an office or being a stay-at-home mom, its all hard work!) managing a household and having some kind of social life, it seems that making time for ourselves always falls to the bottom of the list.

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105 Million in U.S. have Diabetes or Prediabetes, Says CDC

Diabetes now affects nearly 26 million Americans and 79 million people have “prediabetes,” according to 2011 estimates released Wednesday by the CDC. These numbers mean that about 1 in 12 Americans have diabetes, a disease in which the body has trouble processing sugar. The new figure marks a 9 percent increase from the 2008 estimate of 23.6 million. Prediabetes, which affects 35 percent of adults, is a condition where blood sugar levels are higher than normal but not yet high enough to be diagnosed as diabetes.

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How to Protect Kids From Online Predators

Though the Internet can be a wonderful tool for learning and staying connected with others, it is also a place where online predators lurk, looking for their next victim. The anonymity of the Internet means that the 13-year-old “friend” that your teen is talking with may not really be 13 at all. It’s up to you to protect your children from online predators. With knowledge about what to avoid, you can keep your kids safe when they play online.

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Only Child Social Behavior Problems

Many parents of single children wonder if children with siblings have certain social advantages over their single child. While single children may have less interaction with peers, especially during early childhood, these kids seldom suffer from their lack of siblings. Encouraging your only child to develop healthy relationships and positive behaviors may help him succeed in life, regardless of his only child status.