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Signs That Baby Is Cutting Teeth

Some babies teethe, and you’d never know it until you see te evidence of a brand-new tooth poking through. Not all babies — and parents — have it so easy. Many babies experience varying degrees of discomfort when they cut teeth, ddepending on your baby’s tolerance for pain and the density of his gums. Your baby may be fussy and irritable during this time. Be understanding. While you can’t stop the teething process, you can make your baby more comfortable.

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Cutting The Parental Cord

As a parent of a high school student, I’ve had a hard time navigating the balance between staying involved in my teenagers life and giving him the independence he craves.On the one hand, research shows that engaged parents have kids who are less likely to use drugs and alcohol and are more likely to do well in school. On the other hand, I sense that he is pulling away from me – indviduating …