7 mins read

Mean Girls In Kindergarten? Dealing with Girl Drama

I have four kids – my boys are 15 and 13, my girls are 9 and 5. While my boys nearly drove me into the ground as toddlers with their endless physical energy and constant running around, the girls are currently winning the race to dig me an early grave with their ongoing girl drama and emotional highs and lows.If I had to choose, Id take the physical exhaustion of boys over the emotional …

3 mins read

Dealing with the Stigma of “Step” Parent

Growing up as a Disney movie addict, I have a lot to thank them for. Their films introduced me to the world of fairytales, princesses, prince charming, and basically all things magical and amazing. However, I have a HUGE bone to pick with them. Growing up with a stepmother and now being a stepmother myself,…

5 mins read

Dealing With Loss Through the Holidays

The Holidays are a notoriously hard time for those who are grieving the loss of a loved one. For all of us women struggling with infertility, the Holidays are a time when we grieve the lost opportunity of a new life. What is more difficult is that many of the traditions and rituals of the Holidays are often centered around children.