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Deborah Lippmann Nail Color

Glam up your nails! Deborah Lippmann’s nail polishes are definitely some of the best I have come across. Seriously, nothing else compares! The colors are pretty and unique. You’re sure to find at least one that you will fall in love with! Not only that, this nail polish lasts and lasts, so you totally get your money’s worth.

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School of Swagger – Welcome To Puberty For Boys

This article is in partnership with Old Spice but our opinions are our own. Puberty is a super tough time for kids but it's also tricky for parents too. Right? I know when I bring up anything to my kids about how their bodies are changing, hair in funny places or their new, less than…

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My Untold Story and Wish For Every Child – Brooke Burke

Every time you ‘like’ and share this post, Johnson & Johnson will donate $1 (per social action), up to $350,000, via the Global Moms Relay, to help improve the health and well-being of families worldwide in support of Shot@Life, Girl Up, Peace Corps Let Girls Learn Fund, U.S. Fund for UNICEF and Nothing But Nets. More below! My nana experienced…

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Feeding Hungry Kids – One Bagel At A Time

Mother’s Day having just passed, it got me pondering the beloved topic of…yes, Moms. There are straight and gay moms, liberal and conservative moms, free spirited and helicopter moms, yoga and mindful moms.  There are the iconic Jewish and Italian moms, stay at home and working moms. Boho and Yuppie Moms, Dance and Trans Moms.…

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Talking to Your Daughter About Periods and Puberty

If you ask a young woman whether her mother spoke with her about puberty and preparation for starting her period, she might say, No, I learned from my friends. More then likely, when you ask her mom if she had the talk with her daughter, she will say Yes. Often, the reason is that unless there was something momentous about the occasion; it may not have been memorable enough for the daughter to recall.