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Decorating Your Child’s Room with Confidence

What I have found out about being creative whether it be singing, cooking, painting, gardening , decorating or pretty much any artistic endeavor, it is always done better with confidence. When anything is done with confidence the viewer/audience can really feel the positive energy. Even when something goes wrong, it still can be a ‘tour de force’ if done with zeal.

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5 Easy Holiday Decor DIY Projects

The following is a guest post by storage and organization expert Laura McHolm, founder of NorthStar Moving Company.The holidays are upon us, one of the most wonderful times of the year! But with all the holiday shopping, parties and decor – it can also be the most expensive time of year.It’s easy to feel a little less than jolly about the seasons notoriously pricey reputation, but one area that doesn’t need …

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Ideas For Thanksgiving Centerpiece Decorations

If youre going to go through all the hard work of making a fantastic Thanksgiving feast for everyone, you don’t want a bland table setting to take any attention away from your delicious dinner! Luckily, decorating your table for Thanksgiving is as easy as adding a centerpiece. While some people might eschew these choices for something a little more outlandish, we still believe that during Thanksgiving, traditional is the only way. Here are our favorite table toppers. Don’t be afraid to modify them to give them your personal touch.

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Boy’s Room Decoration Ideas

When decorating a boy’s room, it’s super important to think about his interests, preferences and personal style. What you think will be the perfect room for your little boy may be totally different than he was hoping for. Working together to solidify your decorating plan can help ensure that you both end up with a room you are satisfied with. Here are some theme ideas to give your son’s room a decorative (but not cluttered) pop.