3 mins read

How to Make Decorative Cellophane Candy Bags

If you are looking for a unique item to add to your partys table decorationsthat can also be used as a gift, consider making decorative cellophane candy bags. Whether you are planning a child’s birthday party, a dinner party for friends,or simply want to give out little treats at the holidays, these candy bags can be easily and inexpensively made for any occasion. Easy enough for little hands to make, kids will also enjoy this craft.

2 mins read

How to Make Decorative Cakes for Children

A homemade birthday cake creates special memories. There’s no need for professional-level cake decorating skills. Even a simply decorated cake makes a child smile when she knows it was made with love. Consider the personality of the child when putting together the design of the decorative cake. Favorite characters, animals and hobbies are common choices for cake themes. If the child is old enough, ask for her input and ideas for decorating the cake.