1 min read

How to Get Loose Curls

If you’ve ever wondered how celebrities get their curls just right, wonder no more. Creating loose, flowing curls is easy, once you know how to do it. If you want that perfect wavy style like Kate Hudson is known for wearing, you can make your own with a little time, 12 Velcro rollers and a hair dryer.

6 mins read

How to Build Muscles Quickly for Women

Many women shun strength training and any exercises associated with building muscle mass for fear of becoming bulky and unfeminine. However, a woman with muscles is still a woman; you can do strength training and build long, lean muscles that create a sculpted look, make you stronger, and define your curves. Strong and healthy can be a sexy look and an appealing lifestyle.

2 mins read

How to Scrunch Your Hair With a Diffuser

Scrunching usually involves squeezing your curls in an upward motion to apply curl-holding products and to enhance the shape and tightness of your curls. You’ll achieve more dramatic results if you use a diffuser instead of your fingers. A diffuser attaches to the end of your hair dryer and allows you to direct controlled air and heat at your hair, without blowing it around and causing frizz. Scrunching with a diffuser allows you to create tighter, more defined curls because of the addition of heat to the styling process.

4 mins read

10 Hottest Hairstyles

Hot hairstyles are popular hair trends. Most have been around for years, but they keep coming back with new twists and variations. The hottest hairstyles are those that famous personalities wear and that customers often request at their hairstylist’s shop. Hottest hairstyles are all around you, including the celluloid screens and the magazines.