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How to Stop a Child’s Demanding Behavior

Some children exhibit demanding behavior–expecting parents, peers and other family members to drop what they are doing and tend to whatever it is they want at the moment. It is frustrating for parents, especially when children display demanding behavior in public settings, such as at the mall or at family functions. While your first instinct may be to give into your child’s demands, resist the urge to give in, or risk creating a larger problem as your child gets older.

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This Mom Co-Founded A Company While Raising Six Kids!

I believe every mom has super powers. Some we exercise everyday, while others lay dormant, waiting to be activated.Im excited to introduce you to some supernova mamas in a series were calling MOMMIES DO THE MOST AMAZING THINGS, hoping these incredible moms, who exercise their powers for the good of their families and for others, will encourage us all.Fittingly, since autism is such a personal cause of mine, were launching …