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Can You Freeze Infant Formula?

Many breast-feeding moms find it helpful to freeze expressed milk for times when they are away from their babies. Because of the easy-to-prepare nature of infant formula, though, the need to freeze it does not arise very often. But what happens if you’ve prepared more than your baby can consume in a day? What if you’ve opened a can of formula but know you won’t be able to use it before it goes bad? Here’s the scoop on freezing infant formula.

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Terms of Use

Introduction This Web Site is provided to you under these “Terms of Use” and any amendments or supplements to them that may be posted by Momenta, LLC (“Modern Mom”) from time to time (collectively referred to as this “Agreement”). Your use of this Web Site shall be deemed to constitute your consent to be bound…

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Kids Costume Safety Tips

Princesses, pirates, jungle animals and ghosts fill the streets on Halloween – the scariest night of the year!Children begin planning their Halloween costumesas soon as the air cools and the pumpkins line the streets. And although the options might seem almost endless, there are a few important safety concerns that should always be considered to keeptrick-or-treating fun and not frightful.Luckily, we’ve got some great tips to help you say boo to unsafe costumes:

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My Child Has Yellow Teeth

When you first notice that your child has yellow teeth, your head begins to swell with guilt about not enforcing dental hygiene. However, even children with impeccable brushing habits can still fall prey to yellow teeth. While occasionally yellow teeth may point to a health issue, most of the time the discoloration can be easily reversed without pain or much effort.