4 mins read

Is Your Child’s Summer Camp Safe???

Do you assume your childs camp is safe? Every summer we send our children off to what we think will be a fun and safe camp. Why do we assume the camp we chose for our kids will be safe? Have we asked the appropriate questions that would give us confidence in the camp? Most parents report being more concerned with what activities their children will be experiencing than the camps risk assessment for safety.

11 mins read

When Do You Come Clean About Santa?

Heres the scene. 7:32 a.m., we have finally made it into the car and are on our way to school. We wake up, every morning with plenty of time to get there before the bell, but as usual, we are inevitably running late and I no longer have my sweet morning voice, Im now in the Army Sergeant voice, with a lets go, lets go, lets go. All …

15 mins read

Changed By A Child

It has only taken me thirteen years to write anything about our story. I can honestly say that I have perseverated about it endlessly, even thought about writing a book but I was always afraid I would end up like Jack Nicholson’s character on the “Shining,” you know, the one that locks himself in a…