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Beyonce Fashion Tips

Beyonce is not only a pop diva. To many, she is also a fashion icon. Beyonce’s style never ceases to amaze people; she can put on less or more and always looks good. Beyonce is not afraid to be herself, which makes her style her own. Try on Beyonce’s style from head to toe and feel like a diva yourself, even without her millions.

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2014 Father’s Day Gift Guide

Every June, we set aside a special day to honor the men who raised us – the dads who let us paint their nails, who never turned down an invitation to a tea party and cheered their hearts out at every soccer game.We pause in our busy lives to recognize the people who never stopped telling us that we were smart, special and absolutely wonderful.So what do you get the man who has given …

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Moms With Style: Celebrity Fashion Lines

Celebrities are natural trend setters, and theycertainly know how to rock the red carpet, so it makes perfect sense that some stars double as clothing designers. Here are three celebrity moms who used their style and savvy to launch tobreak into the world of fashion and launch their own lines. From football jerseys to vintage-inspired bracelets, these ladies have got you covered! Gwen Stefani – L.A.M.B. An edgy mix of vintage …