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Mother’s Day Gift Guide – 2016

Celebrating Mother’s Day is a really special time. It’s the one day of the year where the focus falls to the mama and all of the family’s appreciation is expressed. Sure, it would be nice to hear how awesome she is on the reg, but don’t worry, moms are realists. If you’re looking into last-minute…

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Neutrogena Acne Therapy

Neutrogena is a skin care company that offers a variety of products for different skin types and conditions. Among its skin care options is a variety of acne treatment products. Acne therapy products include salycylic acid preparations, benzoyl peroxide treatments and even acne care creams designed especially for slightly older skin. This drugstore skin care line relies upon the same science and quality as more expensive products, but it is both more accessible and more affordable.

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10 Ways to Create a Personal Balance Sheet

You can create a personal balance sheet to gain perspective on your financial well-being. In its simplest form, a personal balance sheet details your net worth–basically the amount of cash and property you have, minus your debts and other liabilities. With a little tweaking, your balance sheet can serve as a financial planning tool. Use it to monitor your investments, flag dangerous debt levels and prepare for major expenditures (a home purchase or kids’ college fund) and retirement. Need help getting started? Consider 10 basic ways to create a personal balance sheet that meets your needs.