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Developing Good Study Habits

One of the most challenging aspects of parenting older children is teaching them how to study. While sitting down at the kitchen table and reviewing the content in the book can be helpful, it's not always enough to give children the information they need to succeed on coming tests. Teaching your child to study, however,…

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Developing your Child’s Curious Mind

The best years to promote your child’s curious mind are during the first five years, when brain cells are developing. Providing developmentally appropriate play activities during these years can help your child achieve success in kindergarten and beyond. The other day my grandchild and I “made a volcano.” We poured distilled white vinegar over a pile of baking soda which was in a bowl. He loved seeing the bubbles and sizzles that resulted . He wanted to know why this happened so we went to the computer to take a look at photos of volcanos to discuss how eruptions evolve.

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Is My Child Developing Normally?

Spending time with other parents and children gives you plenty of chances to compare developmental progress of the kids. Parents often worry about the development of their children, particularly if another child is doing something more advanced. Measuring normal development goes beyond simple comparisons with your child’s playmates. The rate of development varies from one child to the next, but there are ways to determine if your child truly is developmentally delayed.

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Is My Baby Developing Normally?

Every parent hopes that their child is healthy and develops normally — or even better than normally. Competition between parents whose babies are reaching developmental milestones can leave you worrying that your baby is not doing as well as he should be. Discuss your concerns with your doctor, but in most cases your baby is developing just as he should.

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How to Help a Developing Baby

While giving a baby loads of love is one of the most important things you can do to aid in her development, there are other things you can do to help with a baby’s development. As a baby grows, she is developing new abilities, skills, preferences and interests. How you interact with and care for a baby can influence her development.