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Baby Stages During Pregnancy

Learning you are pregnant can be great news. Adjusting to the thought of becoming a new mother can have you walking on clouds one moment and chewing your fingernails in distress the next. Not only is your body changing right under your eyes, your baby is rapidly getting ready for life outside your womb. Like many mothers, you may want to begin keeping track of your child’s milestones even before he is born.

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Dry Cracked Feet

Unlike your facial skin, your feet may take a lot of abuse and experience great neglect. Skin conditions on your feet may get so bad that you’ll want to keep them hidden in socks and shoes. While dry, flaking skin on your feet may be nothing more than an unsightly nuisance; these symptoms can cause pain and possible complications. Contact your doctor if you have diabetes and notice deep cracks or sores on your feet.

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Pregnancy Trimesters

Your pregnancy is a time of rapid changes for both you and your developing baby. Health professionals commonly refer to the stages of pregnancy as trimesters. Normal pregnancies last approximately 40 weeks from the time of menstruation to delivery. Each trimester includes certain developmental milestones for your baby.