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Should You Get Your Kid “Tested”?

I couldnt but help include myself in a conversation I overheard between a friend and her husband discussing their three year old boy who just COULDN’T sit still. Definitely reform school for him further down the line. I mean, lets face it, if hes got ants in his pants now, what are we looking at ten years from now? Better nip it in the bud now before this dark streak is allowed to fester. With my ounce of experience of kindergarten teaching and fifteen years of parenting, including raising a male child of the same sub-species as the aforementioned (homio-cantsitstill-sapien), I tried to assure them that all would be fine. The perpetrator of the crime was only three. Still, they were unconvinced of my suggestion of a little behavioral therapy and were choosing to go ahead with the directors suggestion of GETTING HIM TESTED.