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Breathing Difficulties in Children

While taking a breath should be simple, some children struggle with difficulties that make taking in air more challenging. If your child seems to be exhibiting difficulty breathing, an assortment of causes could be at the root of this struggle. By exploring the potential breath-related challenges with which your child is dealing, you can more effectively help him overcome this struggle.

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Sensory Difficulties in People with Autism

I found this list very helpful in understanding how a person can measure another personʼs sensory difficulties. It looks like good explanation of sensory processing issues for a layperson. What are sensory difficulties? Difficulties with loud noises, smells, being hugged, walking on certain surfaces, and having certain foods in your mouth are some examples. People…

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Sleeping Difficulties in Babies

One of the things babies are most known for is keeping their doting parents up into the wee hours of the morning. While sleeplessness is characteristic of these tiny tykes, some infants experience even more sleeping difficulties than others. If your baby seems not to be able to settle into a sleeping routine, consider some potential sleeping difficulties that your infant may be experiencing as well as ways in which you can remedy these difficulties.

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Toddler Sleep Difficulties

Toddlers are just reaching the age where they realize they have some power. If your toddler ever tells you, “No,” you are aware of this. Going to sleep is one area that your toddler may try to control. Some toddlers also have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. Regardless of the reason, toddler sleep disorders can put everyone on edge. The good news is that solutions to your toddler’s sleep difficulties do exist.

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Emotional Difficulties in Adoptees

For adoptees, exit from one family and entrance into another can create an array of emotional challenges. This major life change can lead to challenges both in the years immediately following the adoption as well as in the future when the adoptee attempts to delve deeper into who he is and forms relationships with others.