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Taking 10 Minutes a Day for Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions

First, before I begin, let me say Im going to call these aspirations instead of resolutions — you may think Im splitting hairs but try it yourself and youll see what I mean. First say, My new years resolution is to get in shape and now say, My new years aspiration is to get in shape. Doesnt the second feel much more hopeful and full of promise? Resolution has failure written all over it — or at least fear and disappointment. OK, enough with my hokey semantics (but really I mean it!)

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6 Ways to Save Money on Activities for Your Kids

Raising kids takes a lot of time, patience, love, and- of course- money. It’s difficult enough to keep your child entertained but especially frustrating when you’re trying your best to stick to a family budget. Whether you’re looking to cut costs on activities your children are already in, or looking for affordable plans for the…

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What is Your Money Type?

Do you know your money type? Knowing this simple piece of information is the first, HUGE step in your financial healing. Why? It will help you: To better understand your current relationship with money. To illuminate which financial habits are and are not working for you. To point yourself squarely in the direction of healing. The Nurturer, Warrior Princess, Martyr, Oppressor, MaterialGirl, Under-Spender, Creative Spirit, Timid, Clueless, and Alchemist. (Its perfectly normal to …

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January Astrology

Welcome to 2013, which adds up to a six year, the card of the Lovers, in the Tarot. Aside from the romantic connotation here, the lovers represents duality, and a kind of yin yang twinship. Six years are mostly concerned with the art and craft of relating, take this where you will, whether it be diplomacy in world affairs or interactions at a deeply personal level. I regret to say that I am a little …

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Pizza With Pizzazz!

One of the best things that we can do to help moms to keep their wellness New Year’s Resolutions is to share some healthy dinner ideas based on the classic, well-known dinners that we all love! We’re sure that when we share this next dinner item with you, most of you will agree that is a common dinner meal in your home: PIZZA!