3 mins read

How to Sanitize a Couch

Between your kids, their friends and pets, it’s a wonder that your couch is even still standing. Although you can do your best to keep it clean, everyday living leaves it exposed to dirt, pet accidents, spilled drinks and even those mysterious stains that you don’t even want to try and guess. When you know…

2 mins read

Instructions for Making a Rain Barrel

Installing a homemade rain barrels to collect, store and recycle rain water is both environment-friendly and economical. Rain barrels also help reduce the amount of water that may settle around the foundation of your home. Although it may be a time-consuming process, creating your own rain barrels is a project you can accomplish using a little bit of cash, patience and elbow grease.

3 mins read

Hand-Painted Furniture Ideas

A few hours and a pint or two of paint can transform a humdrum piece of furniture into a conversation piece or family heirloom. Hand-painting furniture for your baby’s nursery, your living room, your patio or kitchen not only guarantees you an original piece of furniture, it provides you with the satisfaction that “decorator” pieces from the store will never be able to match.