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The Hunger Games: Is Katniss The Next Harry Potter?

Twelve-year-olds with guns and knives. Sixteen-year-olds with crossbows, and pumped-up older teens going on violent rampages. Why? Because children, ages 12 to 18, are condemned to fight one another to the death while residents of their nation watch on TV and root for the contestants that charmed them in their pre-game interviews. The last one alive is declared the “winner.”

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How to Keep a Toddler From Having Temper Tantrums

Your perfectly happy toddler can be singing your praises one minute, then thrashing around on the floor in a full-blown temper tantrum the next. Even the best parents have to deal with tantrums. At the heart of your child’s blow-up really lies frustration, according to Mayo Clinic pediatrician Jay Hoecker. Children become frustrated when they perceive their needs aren’t being met or when they can’t communicate what they think and feel effectively. Understanding their frustration in advance can help alleviate yours when you prevent a future tantrum.

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Understanding Child Discipline

How you choose or not choose to discipline your child is perhaps one of the great divides between parents. Everyone seems to have an opinion on the “right” way to discipline. It’s no wonder that many parents can be confused. Children need discipline; the disagreements sometime stem from a misunderstanding of what discipline is.