4 mins read

Bananas: The Best Disguise For Healthy Veggies

We’ve all met them or at least heard of them – kids who are picky eaters. Does this scenario sound familiar? You’ve slaved over the stove to cook a healthy, nutritious and tasty meal. But your children turn up their noses and announce, “I don’t like it, Mommy!” before they’ve even bothered to taste it. Once the food is on the table, said children gag over each bite and spend the rest of the meal trying to escape in hopes of Mommy caving in and making the requisite fall-back – the infamous peanut-butter and jelly sandwich.

9 mins read

Last Minute Stocking Stuffers

It’s almost that time! Well, if you stepped into any CVS right after Halloween, then it’s been that time for quite a while. The holiday season is here!  Sleigh bells are ringing, your children aren’t listening … ever, the slow is glistening and your house is totally decorated and ready for some holiday action. You’ve…