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Herbal Teas and Pregnancy

Herbal teas, with their many health benefits, are the drink of choice for many women, but pregnant women should be wary when drinking some herbal teas. While some herbs are considered safe and even beneficial for pregnant women to drink, the effects of other herbs on developing embryos is simply not known.

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How to Teach Kids About Thanksgiving

Every child learns the traditional story of the first Thanksgiving, which tells of the bountiful dinner shared by the Pilgrims and Native Americans. And while that story is an important piece of cultural knowledge, kids should also be given the opportunity to have some of the stereotypes inherent in that story dispelled and to learn how to focus on the theme of gratitude inherent in celebrating the holiday. In addition, it is important for kids to understand that some of the modern customs associated with Thanksgiving have become part of that holiday’s tradition.

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The Family Guide to Bug Bites 

Bug bites have been a persistent souvenir of outdoor activities throughout human history, and today, these pesky critters continue to trouble our families. It’s an all-too-familiar scene—your kids return from outdoor play, already scratching at fresh bug bites acquired in the backyard. To effectively deal with these nuisances, it’s essential to understand the distinct preferences and behaviors of common pests that leave us with itchy welts.

In this article, we’ll explore three of the most prevalent bloodsucking pests before delving into effective strategies to safeguard your family and home from these persistent invaders.