3 mins read

When to Call the Doctor for a Baby

Because babies can’t communicate their needs, it is sometimes tough to decide whether it’s time for a call to the pediatrician. Of course, if the child loses consciousness, has trouble breathing or has a seizure, the parent would know to act immediately. Short of those symptoms it’s sometimes tricky to know whether you are overreacting by calling the pediatrician.

4 mins read

First-Time Pregnancy Advice

A pregnancy is both exciting and scary for a first-time mother. Her body and emotions are going through changes that she might not understand. A thousand questions and concerns for the expectant mother, including what to eat, how much weight is safe, exercise, fetal development and labor. It helps to ask questions from trusted friends and family as well as an obstetrician.

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How Much for a Hair Transplant?

If you are losing your hair, a hair transplant may seem like a better idea than a toupee, wig or simply shaving your head. In a hair transplant, a doctor takes a portion of your skin with hair follicles and grafts it onto the portion of your head without hair. The result is that you have your own hair growing out of your head.