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Nine Money-Making Ideas Every Mom Should Know About

A few years ago, a group of moms were hanging around the playground and the topic of making extra money came up. Some moms wanted to send their children to a specialized camp; others were saving for a family trip, while others were just looking to make ends meet. After a half hour of groaning, complaining and sulking one of the crafty moms piped up. Were all sitting around thinking about what we don …

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Watch Me, Mom!

When my three kids were younger, I felt like a watching-machine. It was as if I had three GPS chips that constantly transmitted the coordinates of each kid. I knew, 24/7, the precise location of each child. In crib. In babysitter’s car seat. In daycare center. At field trip to the zoo – probably in Monkey House. Watching my kids was a critical component of motherhood. In order to keep each kid safe — out of an open pool, sewer, toilet, or kidnapper’s hands — I needed to know where each one was.

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I Need a French Maid Outfit!

Im in my office. Its so nice to have some time to get organized, work on things that inspire me and write again. I have been spending some time in the ModernMom community, and I am truly enjoying hearing from many of you, reading your comments, and losing myself in your real life struggles. Thank you for sharing. Little Rain is with me pretending to be my assistant. I brought my son in the office with me the other day, of course he was not as good as Rain!

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How to Heal Ingrown Hairs

You know that ingrown hairs can cause problems in plenty of places. The bikini area, thighs and even your face may have telltale red bumps and show signs of itching and inflammation from hairs that don’t quite poke through the skin’s surface. Ingrown hairs can often be painful and uncomfortable–not what a busy mom needs with so many other demands on your time. You may even choose to forgo the extreme shaving and waxing that otherwise maintains your sexiness to avoid that itching and pain. If left untreated, ingrown hairs can cause infection and disfigure your skin. No one wants that, right? Treat ingrown hairs properly for greatest comfort and to keep enjoying smooth, sexy skin.