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Is it Tacky to Include a Cashapp or Venmo Link on Your Child’s Graduation Announcement?

Graduation season is upon us, and alongside the cap and gown come those all-important announcements. But in this age of digital everything, a new trend has emerged: including a Cashapp or Venmo link for gifts. The big question is, is it tacky or totally acceptable? Pros and Cons Pros: Convenience: Let's face it, digital transactions…

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What’s Budget Friendly For This Thanksgiving’s Meal

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and if you’re feeling a bit behind in your preparations, you’re not alone. I recently had to do a quick Google search to double-check the date for this year’s Thanksgiving, and it’s safe to say that many of us are in the same boat. As the TSA anticipates record numbers of travelers at airports, it’s clear that this year’s Thanksgiving will be a big one for many Americans. But amid the holiday hustle and bustle, there’s some good news for those planning to host a traditional turkey feast at home – the cost of the holiday centerpiece, the turkey, has seen a significant drop in prices this year, making home-cooked celebrations more budget-friendly.

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Unlock Your College Dreams: Top Scholarship Resources for High School Students

Let's face it, it's one thing to get into college, and it's a whole other thing to be able to afford it. If you've got an eye on higher education, you've probably discovered how expensive it can be. As high school students prepare for the next chapter in their educational journey, the soaring costs of…