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Nextdoor: Social Media Exclusive to Your Neighborhood

We know how hard it is to raise a family AND maintain some sort of social life. EnterNextdoor-an online community and essentially, social media site created as an exclusive network for you and your neighbors (within your neighborhood) to exchange local information. Don’t let the words “social media” scare you. This is not a hyper-specific version of Facebook, but is rather designed for you and your family to connect with your neighbors to plan events and share important announcements.

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Holiday Door Decorating Ideas

Holiday door decorations are a great way to get into the holiday spirit while limiting your decorating to a single space. If you decide to get competitive, you can have a contest among participants to see who can get the most creative or be the most original. This is a fun activity at school, in dorm rooms, at the work place or even in your own home.

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The Baby is Finally Sleeping — Now the Neighbors are Having the Loudest Sex!

Oh. My. Gawd. This is not really happening to me. I have been up at all hours of the night for seven months straight with my newborn baby, she is FINALLY sleeping through the night without any night-feedings, now this: I’ve got a new neighbor that’s just moved in that has the loudest, most obnoxious sex I’ve ever heard in my life– at 3am several times a week! ARGH! I’m going to lose it. What do I do?

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Fall is the New Spring

We’re one month into autumn. School and work and life schedules have reverted to some sort of “normal” structure. Sweaters and suits have come out of closets to replace bikinis and sunglasses. Leaves are changing from green to red, gold, and brown, or, depending on where you are, have already begun to fall. There’s a…

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I Heart Guys

I was in elementary school in the suburbs in the early eighties, when kids could still ride bikes to their friends houses, walk alone to school, and play outside in the summer until it got dark and the fireflies began to light up the sky.