2 mins read

Tonight’s Dinner Menu: One Pot Wonders

Do you have your back to school dinner plans yet? (And I don’t mean at CPK or takeout!) As summer is winding down, you may be thinking, “Uh oh I have to get serious again about cooking dinner.” Days of al fresco dining will soon be ending. Back to school usually means that meals are now based on your kids schedule; putting it all together between picking them up from soccer practice and helping with homework. It all comes with a certain amount of stress and a lot of clean up.

5 mins read

Silent Assassin: Teen Stress

Its a dog-eat-dog world out there. Colleges are getting more selective every year, and you have to get those scholarships to avoid excessive student loans. Good jobs are getting harder to find, too, unless you constantly perform at the top. Getting that high GPA while managing extracurricular activities- all while keeping a great attitude and avoiding distractions- seems to be the only path to college and career.