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Why Choose Pure Maple Syrup + Supercharged Waffle Recipe

Living in Vermont, we are fortunate to have some of the most delicious pure maple syrup on the planet. We produce more real maple than any other state. There are only a few regions in the world that have the right climate for sugar maple trees. (New England, upstate New York, Michigan, the Maritime Provinces,…

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An Open Letter To Men Who “Trade In” For Younger Wives

Dear Men in My Life:Now that we have gotten to 50ish, many of you, after divorce, are dating or remarrying younger women. I am so happy you are happy in your life with your younger honey, who is quite lovely by the way. You deserve happiness.I don’t want to offend, hurt, or antagonize you.But I do feel compelled to reflect upon your regular jests that the solution to marital woes lies …

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Teaching Kids True Grit

Last week, after school got out but before my three kids scattered to camp and basketball tournaments, we kicked off summer at our new lake cabin in New England. Although none of us had ever driven a boat solo, we purchased an old 1986 13-foot Boston Whaler for the lake. The marine salesman gave us a 20-minute lesson. Then he pushed the boat away from the dock

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“Is Santa Real Mommy?”

The Santa lines to get your childs picture taken have become the most traditional holiday experience for many families, mine included. Its funny how most young children are afraid of Santa, while others look forward to their personal encounter all year long.