2 mins read

No Need for an Alarm Clock… I Have Children!

It is extremely early in the morning. The sound of thumping coming from the ceiling above abruptly awakes me. I hope its just a fluke- the wind, perhaps a large truck that happens to be passing by our house on a tiny suburban street. The clock may say 6:30am, but my body is certain its just after midnight. The banging and thumping continue. If you have never been in my home youd be certain I housed a herd of elephants. Here in my house in Northern Idaho, a herd of elephants = 2 children awake and bouncing around cheerfully upstairs.

5 mins read

Going The Distance

I dragged myself to the gym this morning for a change. Drag drag drag. Come on Erica, no more excuses! YOU CAN DO IT! The gym for me was never one of those things I did willingly. It was just part of my routine, like, getting gas for my car. I admit, the reason I go, is for that incredible feeling afterward. Theres no better feeling once youre done, but getting me there is no small feat.