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Andrea Johnson: Mompreneur Extraordinaire

Andrea Johnson is a lady of many talents. After graduating from Dartmouth College, she went on to earn her MBA from Harvard Business school. Since then, she’s been putting her education to good use as the co-founder of several Internet ventures, while also raising two young children with her husband.

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ModernMom Chronicles: Chapter Twelve

Don’t miss chapters one through eleven! At five forty five am, Heather wakes to the voices from the morning radio show that plays from her Bose alarm clock. She nudges Michael, gets out of bed and then she dresses, putting on her white button down shirt and new black flats, which she thinks appropriate for a meeting with the head of the PTA. After waking the children, she walks downstairs and prepares breakfast and lunches.

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The Modern Mompreneur: Mission Success!

When Mackenzie Wright Sullivan joined forces with her mom, Sandra Wright to found I’mStillMe!, she was simply in search of a more sophisticated diaper bag she could call her own. Little did she know her child gear company responsible for such fanciful, but highly practical …