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How to Take the Weight OFF, When the Pressure is ON

When you are a busy Mom and the pressure is on, it helps to have steps you can rely on to start losing weight quickly. It all starts with mindset no matter what you decide to do to stop your weight gain. By getting in the right frame of mind, and with a few simple changes,…

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Gone too far? The crazy (and sometimes unhealthy) things celebrities do to lose weight and get in shape

Numerous celebrities will admit to the pressure of maintaining seemingly trim figures. After the world saw Oprah shrink, expand, shrink, expand, and then finally say, "I'm never dieting again," we had front row seats for what it must be like to feel constantly judged for your appearance. For various reasons, here are some of the…

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Normal Weight to Gain During Pregnancy

Weight gain is one of the most noticeable and dreaded parts of pregnancy. It can be difficult to watch your stomach expand as you grow rapidly out of your once favorite jeans. To make your pregnancy weight gain less painful and to assist you in snapping back to your weight before you became pregnant educate yourself on the basics of pregnancy weight gain and take strides to minimize unnecessarily weight gain.

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5 Ways To Lose Your Baby Weight

Many women are concerned with getting rid of the baby weight. The most important thing to remember is that it took a nine month period to gain that much weight and it is not going to miraculously fall off after the birth of your child. If you are like most, you want to know how to lose that post pregnancy weight gain quickly, but keep in mind it is important to be healthy.