2 mins read

Toddlers With Very Dry Skin

Soft, baby-smooth skin often comes to mind when you think of toddlers, but even young kids get occasional dry skin. Toddlers face a higher risk for dry skin during colder months, but extremely dry skin can strike at any time of year. Skin dryness leaves toddlers feeling itchy. Control your toddler’s dry skin and prevent future bouts to keep him more comfortable.

3 mins read

Hair Care for Dry, Frizzy Hair

Hair care for dry, frizzy hair differs, depending upon whether you have naturally curly hair, permed hair, long hair or a lifestyle that exposes your hair to harsh chemicals, humidity or dry conditions. However, no matter your hair type or your lifestyle, you can dramatically improve your hair’s condition and appearance by trimming it, using flattering haircuts, selecting appropriate styling products and changing your cleansing and drying routines. Rather than cursing your frizzy hair, you will be able to admire its bounce, shine and healthy appearance.