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LORAC Multiplex 3D Eye Shadow Palette

This LORAC eye shadow palette comes with six versatile, luminous colors to glam up your eyes. The shadow goes on velvety smooth and stays on until you take it off! The colors are very pigmented, so layer on as much as you’d like and build up to your perfect shade. You can apply it with a dry brush for a soft and natural look or with a wet brush for a more dramatic, look-at-me style.

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Tips to Liven Up Tired Eyes

Simple is sexy when it comes to makeup, even when you’re trying to camouflage tired-looking eyes. Avoid heavy eye makeup applications when you need to lift your eyes. The last thing tired eyes need is something to weigh them down. Here are some tips to liven up those tired eyes. (1) Brighten Eyes with White Shadow A small amount of pearl shadow or white eyeliner can brighten up your eyes.

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Cures for Eyelash Loss

Sparse eyelashes may be a cosmetic problem you can change with a little help from your doctor. Eyelash hypotrichosis, the term used to describe inadequate or not enough eyelashes, can be treated with a topical medication approved by the FDA. However, this medication, bimatoprost, can cause odd and even permanent side effects.

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Eyeshadow Application for Women Over 60

Makeup application, particularly eye makeup, needs to change with age. As you get older, the skin around your eyes becomes thinner and drier, and may wrinkle. Eye makeup can easily settle into fine lines or look overly harsh on aging skin. New techniques and products can allow you to look your best, creating a rested and refreshed appearance.