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Beauty Tips Using Lemon Juice

Not only do your groceries keep you from going hungry, they also help keep you looking your best. Like many items found easily in your refrigerator and cupboards, lemons contain ingredients that can replace costly cosmetics. Lemons have a dual purpose. These zingy citrus fruits can improve your appearance and treat certain cosmetic conditions, as well as enhance the flavors of your culinary dishes and refreshing drinks.

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How to Make Baby Shower Centerpieces

The baby shower centerpiece can serve a dual purpose at the party. The centerpiece will add color and life to the table setting, and it can also be used to feed guests, as a place to put small gifts for the expecting mom, or as a place to store party favors for the guests. Centerpieces that can be shared by the guests, rather than taken home by one guest at the end of the party (unless it’s the guest of honor) are best. The centerpieces can match any theme or color scheme.

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide – 2016

Celebrating Mother’s Day is a really special time. It’s the one day of the year where the focus falls to the mama and all of the family’s appreciation is expressed. Sure, it would be nice to hear how awesome she is on the reg, but don’t worry, moms are realists. If you’re looking into last-minute…