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The Incredible Ice Hotel That Inspired Elsa’s “Frozen” Palace

Do you want to build a snowman? (More importantly, have you learned all the words to the song yet?)Like everyone else in the world, we’re totally obsessed with Disney’s smash hit animated musical Frozen. So to celebrate the big release on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD, we took an amazing trip to Quebec, Canada along with the film’s directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee.We toured the Htel de Glace, which …

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Beauty Secrets of Japanese Women

Many Americans consider Japanese women as possessing great beauty, especially when it comes to their skin and hair. Not only are Japanese women well groomed and gorgeous, the Japanese tend to be trendsetters. It’s no wonder American women want to know their secrets. You may be discouraged to learn that Japanese women spend three hours every morning doing their hair and makeup, says Naho Moriyama, “Marie Claire” Japan’s beauty chief on the “Marie Claire” website. Even so, time-crunched American women still might want to learn some of the secrets to determine which ones can work for them.