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Change of Plans

Lately, I have been trying to figure out a personal balance that feels right between time online and time unplugged. You may have got that sense last week in the article Does Unplugging Help Achieve Balance? Our family time on the weekend is something I truly treasure. Currently, with my blogging schedule I publish a new post 5 times per week, Sunday afternoon through Thursday afternoon. The reason I have done it this way is …

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Behavior Plans for a Problem Child

Children who prove continually problematic may behave better with the guidance of a behavior plan. The purpose of a behavior plan is not only to ensure that the child’s behavior stays within acceptable norms, but also to teach him how to behave properly in the future. By building a behavior plan yourself, or partnering with a medical professional to create this plan, you can increase the likelihood that your child modifies his behavior and learns the skills necessary to behave properly.

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The Best Diet Plans for a Family

Whether you family prefers vegetarian food or ethnic food, or if everyone has a different favorite food plan, you can create a diverse and nutritious family diet plan. Consider your goals and your family’s goals with the family diet. You might want to lose weight, change bad eating habits, develop fitness, diversify food choices or simplify the meal preparation routine. Use these goals to guide you through the steps of budgeting, shopping, cooking and eating out.