3 mins read

How to Make a Home Eco Friendly

Creating a green home is beneficial not only to the environment but to growing kids who are sensitive to toxic chemicals found in many commercial cleaning products. An eco-friendly home is healthier and more economical than a traditional home. Here are some simple ways to make a difference.

4 mins read

How to Have a Hip, Healthy and EcoFriendly “Mama-Q” BBQ

Get your party on, and your apron off! Healthy summer parties should be spent with yourguests, not serving them. Turn your next summer barbecue into one in which youcreate memories – not just burgers – by following these five simple tips for planning a healthyand hip Mama-Q that your friends and family will be sure to enjoy.

3 mins read

Embrace Eco-Friendly: Fun Recycling Projects for Kids

We’re always encouraged to think about the impact we have on the planet, and when Earth Day rolls around, it’s an especially great opportunity to educate your children on the fine art of being eco-friendly. By showing your kids that it is important to be nice to Mother Earth, you can set them on a path toward eco-friendly living. Try these fun recycling projects with your kids to teach them to care for the earth!