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A Bad Economy Can Be a Great Time to Start a Small Business!

Intro note: I am thrilled and honored to join the team of ModernMom.com bloggers! I look forward to being your Business BFF and blogging about launching a product idea, starting your own home based business, being a CEO and an MOM, specifics about running a small business, de-stressing from work so you can be present as a mom, and many other biz related topics. I welcome any questions and comments & look forward to connecting with you!

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Fall is the New Spring

We’re one month into autumn. School and work and life schedules have reverted to some sort of “normal” structure. Sweaters and suits have come out of closets to replace bikinis and sunglasses. Leaves are changing from green to red, gold, and brown, or, depending on where you are, have already begun to fall. There’s a…

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Honor Mom on Sunday… and on Mother’s Monday Get Her What She Really Needs: Childcare and Workplace Improvements

The Inaugural Mother’s Monday officially kicks off May 11! Celebrated on the day after the traditional Mother’s Day, Mother’s Monday looks to redefine the relationship between motherhood and work. One of the major storylines emerging from the global pandemic is just how significant the impact has been on women, especially working moms. The group behind…

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7 Reasons Parenting a Toddler is an Exercise in Insanity

Jerry Seinfeld once said that “a two-year-old is kind of like having a blender, but you don’t have a top for it.”  And that phrase is permanently etched into my mind. Have truer words ever been spoken about toddlers? Because he’s right, of course.  We all have to be slightly mad to get through the…