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Educate a Girl – Change the World

My friend told me a funny story about her wedding in Tunisia. Her father was offering her to the groom when a cry went up, “What about the dowry?” Everyone panicked as they realized they had completely forgotten it. Then the father looked for his wallet to get some money, but he had misplaced it. In the end, he borrowed twenty dinars from her uncle and offered it to the groom’s father, who accepted it.

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Escape & Educate with a Family Movie Night!

My grandmother loved the movies and found them to be poetry in motion. The medium was birthed in her lifetime and she loved it, soaked it up and enjoyed the off-screen drama of the movie stars. Weve shared many multi-generational conversations over films, which are immortal and transcendent. Todays world is much more celebrity and information obsessed but what I care about is the bonding that happens over media — movies, television, theater, music, dance, art I love it all! No matter what time of year, a movie night is special. Whether setting up at home for a movie night or going to the movies, theres nothing like it. Movies are timeless and the experience lives on well after the lights turn back on.

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Taking a Family Approach to Health and Weight Loss

As a Mom if you put an emphasis on health it will motivate your children to eat better and be more active. Your involvement is crucial, and even better, get the entire family on board, engaged and focused on health. It changes the focus from losing weight to choosing the right foods and being active…