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How to Communicate Feelings Effectively With a Spouse

Good communication skills are important for building and retaining a strong relationship. If talks with your spouse often end up in shouting matches or with hurt feelings, then a tweak in how you communicate with your spouse is in order. Next time you broach a tender subject, take these steps to keep the communication flowing more harmoniously.

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A New Way to Discipline Your Kids: The Baseball Approach

At the end of the day, some moms count up all the times theyve had to nag or remind or discipline their children. Dont hit your brother. Stop picking your nose. Stop talking back. Dont fart at the table. Wash your hands. Pull your pants up. Dont disobey. Listen the first time. Say hi to the lady and look her in the face. Dont use the toilet lid as your own basketball hoop backboard. Dont, dont, dont, stop, stop, stop.

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Strong Names for Babies

Many moms and dads hope that their new baby is strong and able to take on the challenges that fill life. A number of names from a diverse array of cultures reflect this desired strength, as strength has long been held as a virtue. By selecting one of these decidedly strong baby names, you can reflect your desire for your child to grow into a powerful and self-sufficient individual.