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Electrical Safety for Kids

The National Safety Council reports that preventable injuries and deaths are on the increase in homes across America, with potential electrical hazards found in every home. Many electrical hazards, which can cause serious injury or even death, are the cause of childhood accidents. To protect your child’s well-being, it’s important to identify safety hazards in and around your home.

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Child Bed Safety

When a child makes the move from a crib to a bed, there are a number of safety issues to consider. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends moving your child to a toddler bed once he has grown to be 35 inches tall. Your child should be sleeping well in a toddler bed before making the next move to a twin, bunk or full-size bed.

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Baby Seizures

A seizure in an individual of any size can be a scary sight to behold, but an episode of this type in a tiny infant can be truly terrifying. Infant seizures can be the result of an assortment of factors, ranging from serious to mild. If you witness a seizure in your baby, consider the potential causes as well as what you should do post seizure to reduce the likelihood of seizure recurrence.