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Why I Embraced The Mom Uniform

The following guest post is by Miriam Levine. For as long as I can remember, my wardrobe represented my stage in life. When I packed up to go to college, I filled large duffel bags with skinny jeans and baggy cotton sweaters from the Gap. I lived in slip-on suede moccasins throughout all seasons and occasionally…

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Embrace Eco-Friendly: Fun Recycling Projects for Kids

We’re always encouraged to think about the impact we have on the planet, and when Earth Day rolls around, it’s an especially great opportunity to educate your children on the fine art of being eco-friendly. By showing your kids that it is important to be nice to Mother Earth, you can set them on a path toward eco-friendly living. Try these fun recycling projects with your kids to teach them to care for the earth!

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Miranda Kerr Embraces New Womanly Figure

While many women would return to their pre-baby body in a heartbeat, Miranda Kerr appreciates the transformation her body went through after pregnancy. Basically it feels nice because I feel a little bit more curvaceous than I was before, Miranda, 28, tells People, referring to her wider hips and obviously bigger bust. I feel like Ive become more of a woman now and Im really embracing those curves.

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Embrace Your Body Type & Boost Your Body Image

Today at the gym there was someone new. Since I work out at 5 a.m. and see the same people every day, it is easy to spot a new person. This girl definitely stood out because she was ripped. Her muscle definition was awesome. Boy, I wish I looked like that.