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Summer Teen Employment

Taking a summer job is nearly a teen rite of passage. Whether it’s flipping burgers or mowing lawns, many teens enjoy using their time off of school to pad their pockets and build some real-world work experience. While teen summer jobs are still obtainable, they may not be as readily available to today’s teens as they were in decades past, making acquiring one of these sought-after summer positions a bit more of a challenge.

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Employment Laws for Pregnant Women

If you’re working while you’re pregnant, you are protected under certain laws. Pregnancy will require time off, both for regular prenatal appointments and for when you actually have the baby. It’s important to understand what your rights are as an employee so that your employer treats you fairly. It is unlawful for you to face any discrimination due to your pregnancy.

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Give a Hero a Home: The Rewarding Experience of Adopting Ex-Government Dogs

The holiday season is a time of love, warmth, and giving. While many people consider adopting a furry friend during this time, there is a unique and heartwarming option available – adopting a hard-working dog that used to work in government facilities. These remarkable canines have dedicated their lives to various federal agencies, assisting in…