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Causes of Dizziness in Pregnancy

While dizziness during pregnancy may be cause for concern, this generally temporary lightheadedness is usually the result of a benign pregnancy-related cause. A lot is going on in your body when you are pregnant, and it can have an impact on your overall circulation. Often, this inhibited circulation leads to dizziness and, as a result, lightheadedness that is almost always temporary and little cause for concern. See your doctor for any protracted or worrisome bouts of dizziness or lightheadedness.

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How Long Does It Take to Show Signs of Pregnancy?

Just as no two women are alike, not every mother-to-be exhibits the same signs or experiences the same symptoms of pregnancy. Even during subsequent pregnancies, the changes a woman undergoes can be altogether different. While some women will feel differently as early as one week following conception, there are others who might go months before feeling its effects. Incredibly, some women are unaffected by pregnancy altogether.

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Baby Sleep Safety

Since babies sleep unsupervised, it is vital that their safety be thoroughly considered when putting them to bed. When ensuring your baby’s sleep safety, it’s important to consider the space she is sleeping in, the environment she is sleeping in and what she is sleeping in. It’s also important to be knowledgeable of the precautions you can take to prevent injury or death while your baby is in his sleep area.