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Top 10 Kid’s Birthday Party Games

While the purpose of a birthday party is to celebrate the honoree’s special day, events of this nature are not nearly as enjoyable if the celebration doesn’t also include an assortment of engaging games. Birthday games give party guests the opportunity to test their skills and show their abilities to their peers. Whether planning tried-and-true games, or going with a less common option, adding games to your next birthday event can lead to even more party-time fun and laughter.

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Games to Play on Father’s Day

Adding Father’s Day games to the usual barbecue and presents can help make the day particularly memorable. Of course, kids and Dad can play any familiar ball or board game for a little togetherness, but trying out games especially designed for Father’s Day (or with a holiday twist for another special day) adds to the fun.

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Water Balloon Games for Kids

From launchers to hose adapters, the tools that exist to upgrade the water balloon experience are endless. Still, even with just a bag of balloons and a hose, nothing says “hot summer afternoon warfare” like a water balloon. Whether you are hosting a Memorial Day picnic, a summer birthday party or a Labor Day extravaganza, put together some water balloon games for splashing time. To Pop or Not to Pop