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How To Network at Conferences

I don’t really enjoy attending large industry conferences when I don’t know anyone. Is it just me, or does the idea of trying to meet new people at a crowded, loud trade event make you want to run for the hills? Small talk doesn’t come easy for most people and talking about the weather only…

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Caster Oil to Induce Labor

Old wives’ remedies include numerous do-it-yourself approaches to inducing labor, such as hot baths, enemas, herbs, sexual intercourse and castor oil. Castor oil, traditionally used as a laxative, has been the subject of study in some clinical trials. However, according to an article published in the May 2003 issue of “American Family Physician,” there’s no conclusive evidence that suggests castor oil is helpful.

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MobiGo Touch Learning System

A few days ago we received a package from ModernMom.com and VTech!! Does the novelty of getting a package delivered in the mail ever wear off? I dont think so for us. It makes it a special day and I love how excited everyone gets! Especially the kids, it doesnt matter what it is because it is a new box to explore, and what kid doesnt love playing with new boxes …

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Food Exchanges for a Diabetic Diet

If you have diabetes, managing your diet in accordance with medically accepted nutritional guidelines can literally mean the difference between life and death. Learning the diabetic exchanges, which are used to create a livable plan of eating, is essential to promote your wellness. Even if you’re not diabetic, using the food exchanges associated with the diabetic diet can help you regulate your blood sugar. If you’ve noticed ups and downs in your energy and mood throughout the day, chances are you’re suffering from associated spikes and lows in your blood sugar. Sometimes mothers, especially working moms, rush to the nearest fast food outlet to “fuel up” for the day. If you’re a diabetic, this can cause a serious medical problem, so reviewing the recommended exchanges is especially important before dining out.